We invite you to embark on a new journey designed to awaken your potential and inspire your audience

Grow. Inspire. Evolve.

We believe in your uniqueness to position you outside the conventional. Specializing in 5-star hotels and luxury accommodations, we bring methodology and analysis, passion and creativity, to consolidate your strengths and transform your performance.

We develop tailor-made collaborative projects and achieve strategic objectives, effectively combining advanced revenue management and sales strategies, with the determination to drive your project towards long-term organic growth.

Knowledge areas

Revenue Management

Strategies to transform your performance. Methodology and analysis to improve net profit and optimize distribution.

Sales Development

Emotions to inspire new audiences. Creativity and planning to position yourself in a competitive environment.

Strategic consulting

Global vision, growth and evolution projects. Data analysis, repositioning and long-term projection.

Revenue Management

We want to boost your development and enhance your growth, increasing your capacity to generate revenue, optimizing your resources, reducing costs, identifying opportunities, and developing an effective strategy to maximize your net profit.

We outsource revenue management processes, setting a series of objectives and KPIs, outlining an action plan and exhaustively monitoring the results. We seek maximum profitability through coordinated actions at the level of all departments and points of sale.

Sales Development

We evoke passion to inspire a hedonistic, demanding and conscious audience. We are able to connect using the subtlety of emotions conveyed by the uniqueness of your accommodation, and induce curiosity to provoke the desire for a transformative and genuine experience.

We design and implement a new structured and customized sales strategy that allows you to reach new international markets and reposition yourself at the same time. Thanks to a deep understanding of the luxury segment and its synergies, we know where, when and how we can connect with its players to establish a long-term relationship of trust.

Strategic consulting

We carry out a complete study of your establishment, analyzing your geographical and economic environment, and defining a unique profile of your product to position it in a dynamic and competitive market.

We create a project for organic growth, evolution and repositioning, bringing our expertise to draw up a development plan in the field of distribution, promotion and sales, aimed at maximizing profitability, expanding your customer base and strengthening relationships with suppliers and intermediaries.

Our values

Communication and Closeness

We base our relationship with our clients on personal contact and always prefer a sincere face-to-face conversation, rather than an email.

Transparency and Trust

We ensure your confidence by being clear about our actions, sharing information, objectives and results.

Honesty and Integrity

We appreciate the trust placed in us by being sincere in giving our opinion, celebrating our successes, but also knowing how to rectify.

Passion and Creativity

We believe in success through involvement and innovation. We do not stagnate in the present, we think about the future, always being at the forefront.

Consistency and Rigor

We execute our strategies with the same meticulousness and perseverance with which we plan them, continually seeking an outstanding result.


Pau González


Sales Director

Optimistic and able to visualize the intangible in order to communicate it. I am passionate about hospitality and live it as a way to connect with the essence of people, share experiences and discover the details that influence their lifestyle. Life is better with a good coffee.

Nikita Titov


Revenue Director

With an analytical profile, passionate about technology, I perceive hospitality as a great human project, based on sensations and experiences. Applying a mathematical and data-driven approach to such an emotional project seems to me a fascinating challenge, which I love to face.